Direct Action

Your right to demonstrate. Here are some best practices.


We have the right to stand and speak in the public forum, including the streets, sidewalks, and parks, and public property. We may do so provided that we do not block vehicular traffic and access to any buildings. 


We demonstrate by practicing nonviolent resistence. Do not threaten public safety by rioting, causing disorder, nor interfering with traffic or access to buildings. At our demonstrations and events we will not accept the behavior of disruptive provocateurs.


Public safety authorities allow our coalition to peacefully demonstrate. If provocateurs disrupt our demonstration, peace officers will intervene as a last resort. If that happens, follow the instructions of peace officers to maintain public safety.


If there are counterprotesters, they have equal rights to demonstrate. We can be within sight and sound of them, but maintain distance from them. If peace officers intervene to maintain this separation, we must follow their instruction.


Following these best practices will maintain our position on the high ground as we work to protect civil rights and undo policies motiviated by racism.


Follow ACLU guidance about “Know Your Rights: Demonstrations and Protests


And in this post-COVID time, abide by public health orders by maintaining a distance of six feet, wear masks, and keep your hands clean.



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