Justice Rally

Adopted at the June 13, 2020 NAACP Pueblo Branch virtual member meeting.

Whereas we see the killing of Mr. George Floyd as the final straw and we find ourselves at this time demanding immediate change. 

Whereas our communities are angry, frustrated, filled with mistrust, and tired, including in Pueblo. 

Whereas the NAACP, nationwide, advocates for justice, supports peaceful protest, expects vigilance, and will persistently demand civil rights for all. 

Whereas the NAACP Pueblo Branch stands in solidarity with the protesters of the systemic racism plaguing America. Furthermore, we applaud our young people for their energized actions and seek to work together with them to effect change.

Whereas we are confident that the justice we seek is achievable. We seek to be heard, to be understood, to be respected, to be treated as equal, to end injustices people of color endure daily and advocate what’s best for us. 

Whereas we advocate for justice, we must understand that it starts in our own community.  We are not naive to believe we do not have issues to address right here in Pueblo. 

Whereas the hard issue concerning peace officer shootings resulting in death here in Pueblo shall be addressed.

Whereas the NAACP Pueblo Branch has reached out to our Law Enforcement Community to have a conversation about policing, a focus on policy and procedures, and to ensure that racism does not drive it.

Be it resolved, we intend to sponsor a justice rally in collaboration with our fellow community organizations and interested individuals who seek necessary change through nonviolent resistance.


Furthermore, for those who join us we will invite them to become a member of NAACP Pueblo to demand racial equality and social justice. And, importantly, we shall ask fellow citizens of Pueblo to exercise their right to vote.



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