Virtual Meetings

We can have member meetings by telephone or Internet.


Let's understand the meaning of a "virtual" meeting.


A virtual meeting is held by remote communication using phone, and/or an Internet application. It can be audio-only or include video.


During a time when in-person attendance is not possible, virtual meetings enable our organization to further our mission.


We'll make virtual meetings accessible to our members.


Host will set up the meeting using a service using a particular conferencing software.


Host will share with members how to access the meeting.


It will be best to secure the meeting with a passcode. This will prevent unwelcome disruptions.


Host will provide notice to members.


Most members will be notified by e-mail.


For members without e-mail, our executive committee will call those members using our phone tree. 

Our Internet site,, will have a notice, but interested public must contact our organization's phone number to request the password. 


People can view or listen to the meeting by using their telephone, smartphone app, or computer. 


Let's reduce background noise and disruptions.


If using a phone, please talk directly into the phone; please try not to use the speaker function.


If using a computer, please use a headset if you have one.


Please mute your audio when you're not speaking.


Each time a person speaks during the meeting, it would be best if he or she first identify themselves before asking a question or making a point. 


We'll record minutes of our meetings.


Our Secretary will listen to the meeting and write the meeting minutes.


Following those guidelines will support these goals:


1. Conducting member meetings during times of emergency where in-person access is not possible.


2. Clear communication and understanding among participants.


3. Preparing meeting minutes.


Resources - An Internet "cloud-based" video conferencing platform that can be used for video conferencing meetings, audio conferencing, webinars, meeting recordings, and live chat. 
Computer option or Smartphone app options: Apple or Android - Poll Everywhere is an easy way to gather live responses in any venue for meetings, conferences, concerts, classrooms, anywhere with internet.





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